This site documents the first year of Tyler's life; from adopted puppy to Service Dog in training. Then my life took a turn when I obtained Collie, a "Lassie" type rough collie. The paternal side of Tyler raised her like his own child. But Collie needed to herd  something instead of neighborhood women with children. Along came the sheep. When a coyote was shot across the street it was apparent the sheep needed a protector which led to Angel the Livestock Guardian dog joining us. Angel was born with sheep and lives with them; she is not a "pet dog." At first Collie could dominate the Great Pyrennes puppy. She was delighted to have a dog under her because she had been under Tyler all her life. But by 6 months Angel was her size and Collie was on her back held in a throat bite. Collie needed back up which is why Millie joined the pack. Four dogs now fill my days with adventures I'll share with you in the new wing of Tyler's website. Hope you enjoy it.  
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"Asian tourists flock into San Francisco hoping to meet  Angel dog Tyler"

- California Academy of Sciences
August, 2010 -

Tyler age 5 months
The real life story of the dog Tyler who opens a window to Heaven. His mission on earth is to share love & joy with millions of lonely earthlings in the final days before the apocalypse. Is Tyler a magical being? In a word - yes.
"Tyler magic dog make miracle save Japanese tourist girl's airplane! He is great joy. Maybe dog best thing in your foggy city."

- The Japanese Prime Minister
to Gavin Newsom,
Mayor of San Francisco.
July, 2010-

"Yes! Tyler's soul was created by 10,000 Angels to
bring love & light to the world! He is the Dalai  Lama of dogs. I love Tyler!"

- His Holiness The Dalai Lama -

"Tyler is a people magnet of epic power! If he were a rock & roll band he'd be the Beatles!"

- Rolling Stone Magazine -

"Tyler is proof there is a Heaven. Only God's Angels could bring such a perfect soul into being."

- Pope Benedict XVI -

"One look into Tyler's eyes could end war
and bring about world peace! I love that dog!"

- President Obama -

Tyler is not merely a neutered male; he's a happy, fun, and well mannered canine

• Please spay & neuter your pets to stop the annual destruction of some 9,000,000 unwanted cats & dogs

• Before you get a dog read Cesar Millan's book Cesar's Way and truly understand his message

• Begin professional dog training at the puppy stage and continue training your dog through high school & college

July, 2009: Tyler got adopted!
A German Shepherd Dog Angel was sent to protect Rusty & the cats—

First the senior cat, Dustball, crept in close for a look while Tyler slept on the kitchen floor. Then she turned and scampered off.

Rusty made dinner as Tyler slept quietly. Poor thing was exhausted from his rescue, operation, and being driven 90 miles to a new home.

What a beautiful young shepherd dog!

Calm, dignified.
Tyler had been rescued by Reggie Conley from a back yard breeder. He is a pure German Shepherd, but the owner could not sell him because the dog had an umbilical hernia; she didn't want the vet bills to correct it. Enter Angel Reggie Conley who paid for all the needed vet work, then brought him to me when Tyler was 4 1/2 months old.

Tyler and I fell in love before we even met. That is because Heaven had made us for each other. We are like soul mates only different species.

I had wanted a dog for many years, but had never had all my ducks lined up in a row until spring of 2009. As much as I wanted a dog I knew how much responsibility was required. I knew how much money it would take to have a dog, too.

(left) After Reggie left the Wonder Dog was exhausted and fell into a was deep sleep. Tyler was finally home.

Bobcat was so curious!
"What was a dog?!"
he wondered.

Rusty said they were getting a big cat called a dog. Well, it was the biggest cat Bobcat had ever seen.

Tyler was calm & gentle! "Come here, let me put your cone on. Good boy!"

He had to stop biting at his unhealed operation where the doctor neutered him and fixed his umbilical hernia.
Tyler was starting to like living at this house!

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...
More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...