May 17, 2022

Charming moment golden retriever mistakes owner’s new slippers for puppies

Two-year-old golden retriever Molly was baffled when her owner, Eva Chow, showed off her new, very familiar, slippers.

The golden retriever was very intrigued by what was on Eva’s feet, as the adorable clip shows her gazing and laying down as she tries to work out what’s going on.

The adorable pup seems to think that the dog-shaped slippers are two tiny puppies for her to play with.

Eva said: “Molly was very confused trying to figure out whether or not the slippers were a friend.”

Outside of the video, Molly was said to have been bouncing around and further examining the strange slippers that appeared before her.

The charming clip has stolen hearts with Molly’s understandable bewilderment at the doppelgänger footwear.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK, and the value of a puppy has shot up in lockdown as more people have added pets to their family.

Golden retrievers are often used as therapy dogs too, helping to soothe and calm people, and giving them comfort. They are thought to be well suited to the job because of their natural empathy and gentleness.

golden retriever puppy
Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK

Molly isn’t the only adorable dog to have gone viral with a hilarious video.

Two dogs learning to use the doorbell had animal lovers in stitches, while a pup’s excitement over his daily routine with a neighbour melted everyone’s hearts.

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