January 24, 2022

Clever dogs use adorable doorbell trick when they want to come back inside

An owner who has two dogs, Dolly, two, and Kevin, eight months, has come up with a brilliant solution to make sure they’re not left waiting outside.

In an adorable video, the two smart dogs are shown using a doggy doorbell to let their owners know when they’re ready to come back inside.

Owner, Joss Neighbour, filmed his two dogs waiting patiently at the door after pressing the doorbell to be let back in.

A polite encounter you’d expect from a friend visiting – not from your two young pups.

But the doorbell seems to do the trick for the two dogs who have mastered how to use it perfectly!

At the beginning of the clip, you can see Kevin pressing the doorbell with his nose from the inside, asking to go outside.

The second part of the clip shows both Dolly and Kevin outside waiting to be let in after pressing the doorbell to come back indoors.

Filmed in Surrey, stepson William then goes to open the door to let them in, with the most polite encounter from both parts.

After pressing the doorbell, the dogs wait patiently to be let back inside

It’s an absolutely adorable moment between these clever dogs and owner who together have come up with a brilliant solution, which works!

The owners will no longer have to worry about accidentally leaving their dogs outside, knowing exactly when they need to come back indoors.

Watching this video brings an instant smile to your face, watching the clever, polite pups pressing the doorbell and patiently waiting to be let in.