May 17, 2022

Dog found stuck down well in snow 43 days after he vanished from home 20 miles away

A dog who was missing for 43 days in sub-zero temperatures was incredibly rescued alive from a well more than 20 miles from his home.

The adventurous springer spaniel, named Milo, got himself stuck under a silo in Sand Lake, Michigan, as heavy snow heaped around him.

By the time he was found he had lost more than 2.5 stone and survived in the freezing cold for days.

His distraught owners feared they would never see him again after snow storms struck, with Milo thought to have very little chance of survival.

Rescuers have voiced their disbelief that he overcame hunger, dehydration and biting cold before he was brought to safety.

He was trapped down a well for days before neighbours called for help

It is still not known how Milo managed to get so far from his home.

At some point on his excursion the dog fell into the well at an old grain elevator, and got himself stuck.

Luckily for the lovable pet, neighbours heard him barking for several days, and eventually went to investigate.

Realising there was a trapped dog down the well, they called animal control officers from nearby Kent County Animal Shelter, who were able to fish him out.

The shelter wrote in a Facebook post: “The dog had been heard barking for a few days per town residents.

“Our caller had investigated the area and believed him to be stuck under a silo so contacted Animal Control for assistance.”

A rope had to be looped around him by stunned rescuers to get him out.

It later turned out he had been missing for 43 days.

Incredibly it emerged that Milo had travelled nearly 20 miles from his home

A rope was tied around Milo to bring him to safety

Animal organisation Lost Paws discovered that a family had reported that a similar-looking dog had vanished from a nearby town.

They got in touch, and Milo was reunited with his emotional owners. 

The animal shelter posted on Facebook after he was reunited with his owners voicing the amazement of workers.

Staff wrote: “We do know he survived frigid temps, snow storms, hunger and dehydration.

“He lost 33lbs and traveled nearly 20 miles over the past 43 days.

“What he nor his owners never lost was hope and hope is what finally reunited them.”