May 16, 2022

Dog owner panics after morbid autocorrect blunder in text message from groomer

A dog owner who shared a screenshot on Reddit of a pet groomer’s highly unfortunate autocorrect fail – and subsequent attempt to rescue the situation – is leaving people in stitches

Dog groomer and a dog
The mistake has left people “howling” with laughter (stock image)

A dog owner must have feared the worst after receiving a very blunt message from their pet’s groomer – before they quickly backtracked on the autocorrect fail.

The owner shared a screenshot of the awkward text message thread on Reddit, adding the caption: ‘Startlingly matter of fact message from the groomer’.

After dropping their beagle off for a haircut, it shows the owner was sent a message from the groomers at 10.10am simply saying: ‘Hi Dexter is dead.’

The worker then realised their worrying mistake and sent a follow-up message a minute later to desperately clarify: ‘Hi dexter is ready now!! Sorry stupid auto correct.’

The worker quickly provided a picture of Dexter to reassure the owner he was still alive


Clearly panicking about the state they left the owner in, they then followed it up with a picture of Dexter very much alive and well, and a reassuring message to say ‘He’s had a great time x’ to make it clear that at no point during the visit did he die.

The mix-up gained hundreds of comments, as one person wrote: “God this is so comical. I’m in stitches. Something about the blunt message, and the picture proving that the dog is not in fact dead has set me off. Brilliant.”

A second said: “Dexter looks remarkably well considering the circumstances”, as a third replied: “It’s amazing what taxidermy can do.”

Someone else joked: ““Quick send a picture of the dog so he doesn’t think he’s dead!'”

Some people were struggling to hold it together, as another commented: “I’m shaking with laughter at this. It’s the kiss at the end that gets me!”

And others added their own ideas to truly shake up owners in the future, including: “Your dog is dead …. tired after the wonderful day he’s had!”

And: “Your dog has departed … the grooming parlour and is currently on his way back with my colleague.”

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