January 24, 2022

Dog who ran off during walk with owners in hills found 12 miles away a week later

A pet dog which ran off during a walk in the hills eventually turned up 12 miles away nearly a week later.

Much-loved cocker spaniel Lily went missing in Midlothian, Scotland, earlier this month and her devastated owners feared the worst.

The pup walked off with a “careless” couple and Susie Clark her daughter Katie hunted high and low.

Huge searches involving drones had been carried out while public appeals for information had been shared to try and find missing Lily.

Their prayers were answered when she was found at a golf course in Innerleithen on Saturday morning, Edinburgh Live reports.

They say the dog was 'clapped' by the walkers - and she followed
They say the dog was ‘clapped’ by the walkers – and she followed

Relieved Katie expressed her frustration at the walkers, who stopped to clap the animal before allowing her to join them on a trek up into the hills and away from her home.

She said: “This has never happened before as Lily is very shy and wouldn’t normally do this.

“They didn’t stop, or turn around to bring Lily back, they continued three miles up into the highest point. This hill is covered in hidden drainage ditches, marsh areas and peat bogs.”

The walkers noticed the dog had gone missing at the top of the hill, but Katie says they told her “they didn’t think much of it”.

Lily turned up 12 miles away nearly a week on and has now been reunited with her owners
Lily turned up 12 miles away nearly a week on and has now been reunited with her owners

After around 45 minutes the family noticed Lily had gone missing, and a huge search operation was launched.

Katie added: “This hill isn’t one for small dogs. She had already been on two previous walks that day so she would have been exhausted. We headed up this hill, but as it’s a really dangerous area, it was very hard area to search.”

Searches continued for five days in the heat, with the family fearing that the dog may have drowned or even been stolen.

However they received “the best news ever” on Saturday morning.


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She had been spotted at Innerleithen Golf Course in the Scottish Borders, around 12-miles from where she went missing by somebody who’d seen their social media appeals for information.

Katie said: “It was honestly one of the best things in the world. We were so relieved. We received a phonecall on Saturday and we asked them to send over a photo. We waited around a minute for it to send and it was honestly the longest minute ever.

“Lily’s totally fine. She was a bit thin but she was so happy to see us. She’s getting back into her routine now.

“We still can’t understand why the walkers let her go for three miles with them, rather than turning back.”