May 17, 2022

Excitable Cockapoo leapt headfirst through glass door to meet pizza delivery driver

A poor pooch needed emergency treatment after hurling herself through a glass door to welcome the pizza delivery driver.

Cockapoo Luna excitedly rushed to the door when the bell rang, plunged straight through and ended up bleeding from her leg and covered in glass on the path outside.

Not quite the reaction the driver was expecting when delivering someone their dinner, so he was understandably shocked.

And so was poor Luna’s owner, Debbie Sissman

The concerned owner then had to make an urgent dash to the Vets Now emergency clinic in Hemel Hempstead.

Amazingly, three-year-old Luna somehow escaped with cuts and bruises and was soon on the mend.

“We were so lucky, we know this could have been so much more serious,” said Debbie.

The pizza delivery driver had quite the shock
The pizza delivery driver had quite the shock

“We’d moved house just before and I was concerned about the single-glazed glass panel on the bottom of the front door but hadn’t had the chance to get it replaced during lockdown.

“Luna is really lovely and friendly and although she’s very lively and will bark if the doorbell rings, we could never have imagined something like this would happen.

“I’d ordered pizza for Adam’s birthday and she suddenly charged at the door when the delivery arrived. She got there before me and went right through the panel.

“The guy was really shocked, just standing there not knowing what to do, and Luna had obviously got a real fright as she was frozen to the spot.”

The couple tried to get shards of glass out of Luna’s long fur, which also made it hard to see just where she was bleeding.

Luckily Luna got away without major injuries
Luckily Luna got away without major injuries

With their own vet closed for the weekend, Debbie called Vets Now and was told to take Luna straight to its emergency clinic where she was seen by senior vet Michelle Dawson.

“Everything was straightforward, and the vet and the nurse were so lovely,” said Debbie.

“It was just a relief to have help on hand when we really needed it.”

Michelle and her team quickly assessed Luna, concerned that there may be more damage than was immediately obvious.

“With her going headfirst through the panel, we needed to check her out for any signs of concussion,” said Michelle.

“Fortunately, she was clear and responsive during our observations, so we were able to clip the fur away and assess her wounds.

“After administering pain relief and antibiotics, we disinfected the wound on Luna’s leg and applied skin staples to close it.

“Luna was very brave throughout and stood eating treats during the procedure – such a star patient!”

Debbie was delighted to be able to take Luna home the very same day, and is not taking any chances when it comes to her doors. She’s dog-proofing her home to avoid any such incidents.

“We’re definitely very thankful she has come through this okay,” added Debbie.

“We’re getting the house renovated just now and we’re actually replacing all the doors to make sure they are safe.

“It was very scary and I’d never want this to happen again.”