May 16, 2022

Garden centre bans dogs after four-legged visitors leave messes all weekend

A garden centre has banned dogs from entering its premises after pooches fouled in its gift shop a whole nine times in just 48 hours.

Fairweathers, in Beaulieu, New Forest, said it had “sadly” taken the decision to ban owners from entering the shop with their four-legged best friends after repeated vomiting, urinating and defecating over the weekend.

To make things worse, some owners didn’t even bother to clean up after their pets’ mess, instead leaving the nasty task to its unfortunate shop keepers, the New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times reports.

Announcing the ban on social media, the shop said: “We do love seeing your furry companion, but we don’t like cleaning up the mess.

“When one leaves its mark others follow, and we are sure you don’t want to buy something pre-marked!”

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gift shop
The shop said it was a ‘sad’ decision to have to make but they couldn’t risk customers bringing home something that had been compromised

People replied saying they supported the move as they suggested extending the ban to owners who fail to teach their dogs how to behave.

“I fully understand your decision but what a pity you can’t impose a lifetime ban on the humans who have failed to train their dogs.”

Another said: “Good for you, why people have to take dogs into a gift shop is beyond me.”

Fairweathers gift shop
Fairweathers in Beaulieu said dogs vomited, urinated and defecated nine times over the weekend

A&T Lisa Smith, personal assistant to the owner of the centre, Patrick Fairweather, told the news outlet it was a “sad” decision to have to make but they couldn’t risk having customers purchasing an item that had been compromised.

“We absolutely love our doggy friends. We even have dog treats at the tills for them,” she said.

“But this was an absolute nightmare. We had nine dogs fouling in the gift shop – in the space of two days.

The dogs are still welcome in the garden

“One urinated and then the others followed as they could smell it. Another one pooed in the shop, and its owner just left it.

“Another one vomited and that was not cleared up either. We have food and gifts in the shop, you just can’t have dogs doing that.

“We were really sad we had to take the decision, but we did not want someone to buy something, take it home and think ‘What’s that smell?’

“Also, with food items we really can’t take any chance.

“I think a lot of the trouble is that people are looking at things in the gift shop and they take their eye of their dogs so don’t see what they’ve done.”

Dogs are still allowed in the outside area of the garden centre and in the patio seating space of its café.