January 24, 2022

Little boy heartbroken after two puppies stolen tells mum ‘I will cry forever’

A little boy left heartbroken after his two puppies were stolen has told his mum: “If they don’t come home, I will cry forever”.

Henry Beckett, seven, and his four year old brother Archie, have been left “inconsolable” since their Cavapoos Marnie and Rockie vanished.

The family were away on holiday in Spain when the lady hired to look after them called to say they had disappeared from her van.

Mum, Catherine Beckett, 46, an accountant, booked the first ticket home and flew back to help in the search.

And while she has been quarantining and helping with the social media campaign, teams from Dog Lost and her army of friends, have all been out searching for the pets.

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Heny was 'distraught'
Heny was ‘distraught’

Catherine from Cobham explained how Marnie, a female Cavapoo and Rocky, a boy Cavapoo, disappeared on July 5th.

They were being looked after by a woman who boards pets at her home in Ripley in Surrey.

“It’s an absolute shocker, you never think it’s going to happen to you and it hits you like a sledge-hammer,” Catherine said.

“They were never off the lead with us because we’d heard about all the dog thefts.

“After she called us, I told the boys I was flying back to England and the dogs were running around a field being naughty.

“But Henry was inconsolable, just so distraught. I’ve never seen him like that before.

“They are Henry’s dogs really, Marnie in particular. Whenever he’s had a stressful time at school, he comes home and cuddles the dogs. Dogs are the best healers.

“He said to me; ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do if Marnie or Rockie don’t come back I will cry forever’.”

Little Archie is missing his pups
Little Archie is missing his pups

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The “inseparable” dogs would have been one years old on August 1st and both have been microchipped and neutered, Catherine explained.

The family had been really excited for their holiday even though the boys hated the thought of leaving the dogs behind.

“We flew to Spain on the Saturday for a two week holiday and I remember sending a message to friends saying; ‘this is the most relaxed I’ve felt in months’,” their mum said.

“That was the kiss of death, because on the Monday the dog boarder called us to say; ‘ ‘I’ve lost the dogs’.

“She said they’d scarpered. She’d driven the dogs to Jury Farm in Horsley, parked up and opened the van door.

“She said she turned around to get their leads and when she turned back the two had vanished.

“This is like a bereavement but almost worst because there is no closure, we don’t know what has happened.

“Please if anyone knows anything there is a substantial finder’s fee available for their safe return and we will go anywhere to pick them up.”

Catherine, breaking down in tears added: “It’s heartbreaking for us as parents because I don’t know how I’m going to explain to the boys about this.

“We don’t know what we can say to help them through this if we don’t get them back, especially with starting new schools in September, it’s an unsettling time anyway.”

Karen Harding from Dog Lost said: “It is just a complete mystery. We have posted everywhere and put a social media campaign together.

“So please if anyone knows anything they can call Dog Lost or call Crimestoppers anonymously, we just need to know what’s happened to them.”

She said the number of dogs being stolen in the UK is still horrific but said they are now dealing with the added horror of scammers and hoaxers.

“These people need to realise how distressing it is for the owners in the first place but having people phoning up saying ‘your dog’s dead’. It’s a nightmare for them,” she said.