May 17, 2022

Missing dog lost in car crash found days later herding sheep on nearby farm

Two devastated dog owners who lost their pet pooch after it was hurled from the car in a crash were astonished when he was found – herding sheep at a farm near the site of the accident.

Tilly is a two-year-old border collie mix and recently went missing after his owners, Linda and Mike Oswald, were in a car crash that saw the dog hurled from the car.

After the accident, they couldn’t find Tilly anywhere and put up posters, but feared they would never see her again – but then they heard from Travis Potter, a sheep farmer.

He lived near the crash site and said that he had been told about missing Tilly so went for a look, and sure enough there he was – hiding in the sheep pen.

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Tilly the missing dog
She was eventually found on a farm, after herding up all the sheep

Sharing the story on Facebook, Linda Oswald said: “Mike and I were in a car accident today at highway 41 and Hayden. We are good but my dog Tilly is missing. He was thrown out and was seen running north.”

“He is reddish-brown male with back markings on his face. He has medium long fur and a bobtail. He was last seen running across the Prairie at Hayden Ave and highway 41.

“He is shy so please pm me or contact me via FB if you see him or contact KC or PF animal control or humane society. He may be in Rathdrum.”

After news of the missing dog was shared online, farmer Travis Potter from Idaho was contacted by his grandmother who had heard the story and thought they could help.

Speaking to a local news outlet, Travis said that a few sheep had gone missing from the family’s pasture and that he suspects Tilly had seen them running and acted on instinct.

He said: “It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, where did this dog come from, how did it get here – I think that dog was trying to herd.

After finding Tilly, Travis handed him over to the local sheriff who arranged to get him back to the Oswalds.

Speaking to Global News, Linda said: “He’ll herd anything. When I go to the dog park, he tries to herd the people into one group.”

Linda added that she had cried “every day” that Tilly was gone, and was glad to have him home.

She added: “The first thing is, he ran in and drank out of the toilet, which he’s never done. He was so thirsty.”

“It was ridiculous, but you get so emotional over your pets.”

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