January 24, 2022

Owner convinced they were given ‘the wrong dog back’ after visit to the groomers

A dog owner has joked they must have picked up the wrong animal from the groomers after their pet was left almost unrecognisable.

TikTok user @Mirandalawler posted a video showing a before and after video of her companion, capturing the fluffy white dog looking into the camera prior to the haircut

It then jumps to the results of the makeover and the clip has racked up more than 1.2 million views in a matter of hours as she captioned the video ‘This ain’t it’.

The close shave appears to have completely transformed the shape of the dog’s body as it turned the furry ball into something far more slender, and completely exposes the floppy ears which were previously hidden under the white hair.

The dog before
The fluffy dog before…

The dog afterwards
…and after the trip to the groomers

The video says: “I think my groomer gave me the wrong dog”, as it racked up more than 63,000 likes, leaving viewers stunned by the change.

It’s not the only dog to be sporting a questionable new look after another user shared a similar clip of their pet, explaining that their dad had asked staff to “shave off as much as they could”.

The results left the small fluffy dog looking rather worse for wear, almost completely bald and with an expression that hinted she is less-than-impressed with her new-found fame after the clip went viral.

The video has now been viewed almost six million times and gained thousands of comments, as one said: “They gave you back a raw chicken.” Another joked: ” “Dog’s like ‘oh boy, it’s drafty in here huh?'”

You can see the results by reading the full story here.

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