January 24, 2022

Police smash car to save dogs in 24C heat – as owner moans “you broke my window”

Police were forced to smash a car window to rescue two dogs left inside in 24C heat – as the owner moaned about the damage.

Footage taken on Saturday on the seafront in Brighton, Sussex shows officers breaking into the dark-coloured vehicle.

The car alarm then goes off – before the apparent owners turn up.

A woman can later be heard saying “you’ve broke my window” as the cops tell her off for leaving the animals inside.

Dozens of passers-by could also be seen watching the incident unfold in the sweltering heat.

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Police rescue hot dogs
The owner could be heard complaining to the police

But the owners were apparently unaware that leaving the animals in the car could cause them serious problems, one witness said.

The onlooker, who asked not to be named, said the vehicle was parked in direct sunlight.

And they told The Sun that the owners failed to show “much empathy”

“At first it was ‘what the f*** are you doing, why did you break my car window? I was only gone for 10 minutes’,” they said.

“The bloke obviously thought he was completely in the right.”

The RSPCA says you should never leave dogs in cars on a hot day – even if it’s only for a short time.

The charity said that when it is 22C outside temperatures can quickly rise to 47C in vehicles – which can result in tragedy.

And information on its website urges anyone who sees a dog in a hot car to call 999 straight away.

Police rescue hot dogs, Brighton
The RSPCA said leaving dogs in a hot car can quickly turn into a deadly situation

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