January 24, 2022

Prince William ‘cornered by snarling dog after being mistaken for intruder’

Prince William was cornered by a snarling police dog on the Sandringham estate, it has been revealed.

The Royal was enjoying a late night walk when the attack dog mistook him for an intruder.

William escaped unharmed by standing still until handler PC Jon Chandler arrived on scene.

Jon has revealed the bizarre encounter for the first time after retiring from his 30 year police career.

He told the Eastern Daily Press: “I had a particularly interesting night when I was walking my dog off the lead around the grounds and he chased after the future king of England.

PC Jon Chandler pictured with other officers training police dogs
The dog handler said his canine had a go at the future King

“It was late at night and Prince William was walking towards the garages and the dog picked up his scent and went charging after him.

“He took it in good jest. He was only young then.

“It could have gone horribly wrong if he was bitten, but fortunately the dog did what it was supposed to do, and just stood back and barked at him. It was a memorable night.”

The incident is believed to have happened many years ago when Prince William, now 38, was a young man.

PC Jon Chandler wearing an operations helmet and police uniform
PC Jon Chandler is telling the story for the first time now

He is believed to have been staying on the Norfolk estate during one of the Royal family’s traditional Christmas breaks.

Jon was patrolling the grounds of Sandringham House in darkness when his dog located William near some garages.

William was not bitten and escaped unharmed by standing still until Chandler caught up and put it back on a lead.

William, like his grandmother the Queen, is a well-known dog lover.

A sweeping view across the lawn to the royals' Sandringham House in Norfolk
The incident took place at Sandringham House in Norfolk

In November he told how his family had been left saddened by the death of their eight-year-old cocker spaniel Lupo.

Other highlights of his career included arresting two murder suspects, recovering 100,000 ecstasy tablets and locating missing people.

Jon spent 10 years working as a handler with specialist search, drugs and firearms dogs.

He added: “There have been lots of highs and a few lows, but overall I have enjoyed my career.

“I have had the opportunity to make a difference – that is the reason I joined in the first place.”

Kensington Palace declined to comment.