May 17, 2022

Racist filmed kicking dog in the face flees city amid public disgust over attack

A woman who was filmed kicking a dog in the face and racially abusing its owner has fled York amid public outrage, a court heard.

A video capturing Suzanne Young, 52, spitting on and throwing punches at Charles Casmir before kicking his dog in the face last June sparked fury after it was shared online.

Young was arrested and charged over the unprovoked assault on Mr Casmir and his Akita named Delta.

She later left the city due to the abuse and threats of violence levelled at her after the clip emerged, reports Yorkshire Live.

However, Young returned to York on Monday to face charges over the incident and received a 42-week suspended sentence at York Magistrates Court.

Suzanne Young was caught on camera kicking the dog in the face
Suzanne Young was caught on camera kicking the dog in the face

She was charged with two counts of racially aggravated assault, one count of use of threatening language or behaviour and one count of causing the unnecessary suffering of an animal.

Young had originally pleaded not guilty to some of the charges and was scheduled to face trial but decided to change her pleas to guilty.

Before the sentencing Young’s representative Emily Calman requested that her address not be made public as she had “received some threats to her safety” on social media and left the city as a result.

Suzanne Young
Young received a suspended sentence after returning to York to plead guilty to all charges

District Judge Adrian Lower upheld the request.

Sarah Tyrer, prosecuting, read out a statement from Mr Casmir that he gave to the police on June 9 – the day that he and his dog were assaulted by Young.

He said that he was walking his dog on Hob Moor at 8.10pm when he was approached by Young who started shouting at him because his dog was “running with cows” and wasn’t on a lead.

Suzanne Young is seen getting up close to Charles Casmir as she hurls abuse at him
Young is seen getting up close to Mr Casmir as she hurls abuse at him

He said that Young became “aggressive” and threatened to shoot him and his dog. He then tried to walk away but she started using racist insults such as “p**i” and ‘ch*ng ch*ng”.

Mr Casmir, who is from Guatemala, said: “I thought this was incredibly annoying as I’m not Chinese or Pakistani, I’m South American.

“This is demeaning and being pointed out that you are different is not very nice.”

Young then started spitting on Mr Casmir.

Suzanne Young at Hob Moor
A court heard Young’s attack as her victim and his dog walked at Hob Moor was unprovoked

The UK was still in the peak of the Covid pandemic at the time and Mr Casmir said he was particularly worried as he had a “vulnerable” 18-month-old daughter who had had bronchitis from a young age.

Mr Casmir said that his dog Delta then got “too close to her” and was wagging his tail before Young kicked it in the face.

Mr Casmir said: “This was horrible.”

He said that Young “continued using racial slurs” and started putting her fists up in a “boxing guard position” and said ‘hit me, hit me’.

Footage of Suzanne Young abusing dog and its owner
Public reaction to the footage was furious

Young then picked up a wine bottle from her bag and started threatening Mr Casmir.

He said: “I believe she was going to use it as a weapon.”

Mr Casmir moved away from Young and warned another dog owner about her, and she punched him in the face numerous times.

He said Young then approached some youths, and he called the police.

She was arrested following an ordeal lasting between 15 and 20 minutes.

Mr Casmir said that he recognised Young from when she had been in the local shops to buy alcohol previously.

He said: “The incident has upset me and made me feel quite annoyed.

“I don’t want to go to Hob Moor anymore.”

A vet who saw Mr Casmir’s dog found Delta “timid and reluctant” to come towards him following the incident.

The examination found he suffered from swelling around the mouth as a result of the attack.

Young’s representative said that she had unknowingly smoked the synthetic drug spice on the day, which had led to her acting in such a way.

She also said that her client was “ashamed at her behaviour” and had stopped drinking and was receiving support.

Ms Calman said: “This is a lady who has learnt her lesson the hard way.”

Judge Lower told Young “you are a disgrace” and “you contribute nothing”.

She was sentenced to 42 weeks imprisonment suspended for two years and ordered to pay £500 in compensation to Mr Casmir.

She was also disqualified from having custody of a dog for five years.