January 24, 2022

RSPCA ‘reduced to tears’ by state of neglected dogs don’t recognise them after makeover

A total of 30 dogs were found abandoned, helpless and very neglected last week outside a property in the Skegness area of Lincolnshire.

The pups were in such bad condition that rescue staff from the RSPCA were brought to tears when they saw them.

However, since taking the poor pooches into their care, the team at the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre in Nottingham have given them an incredible makeover.

When the dogs came in they had all sorts of problems, from matted fur to rotten teeth.

But now the adorable animals are practically unrecognisable after the rescuers worked their magic.

Tink after her fur has been shaved off, the dog is unrecongisable
Tink is unrecognisable now

Much of the matted fur had to be shaved off and 80 rotten teeth were surgically removed from the dogs.

The bunch can now look forward to a much happier life though.

Ella Carpenter, manager at RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre, said: “The dogs were taken for immediate veterinary attention where many were so badly matted they had to have their fur shaved off.

“The matting had caused skin problems for some of the dogs so they have been having regular baths while here and have also enjoyed some more clipping to make them feel more comfortable.”

Sebastian before - A Daxi-cross approx 4 years old
Sebastian before his makeover

Ella Carpenter, manager at RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre, with Sebastian
Sebastian with Ella Carpenter, the manager at RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre

She continued: “Their teeth were so rotten and some were struggling to eat properly and they were in pain.

“In total 80 teeth have had to be removed from five dogs and they are now on antibiotics and pain relief.”

The rescue dogs are all cross-breeds and included Dachshunds, Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodles and German Shepherd types.

Sebastian, a Daxi-cross that is thought to be around four years old and is now looking much healthier with shorter hair and a cleaner coat.

While Tink the terrier now looks much smarter.

A number of older dogs were also rescued and are now enjoying a more contented life.

This includes seven-year-old Monty, a cross-poodle who required a lot of attention as his fur was in such a poor condition, he could barely see when rescued, with filthy fur covering his eyes.

Ella added: “They are now able to move freely without experiencing the pain of those heavy matts, glued together with excrement, pulling and tearing at their skin.”

The dogs will remain in the care of Radcliffe Animal Centre where staff will spend the coming weeks rehabilitating them and give them lots of love and attention to help them prepare for their perfect future owner.

Once they are fit and healthy, the centre will look to rehome them.

You can help support the dogs care at Radcliffe Animal Centre by visiting: https://rspca-radcliffe.org.uk/donate-now/