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February 2015 day trip | November 2- day trip

Ahwahnee is what the indians called Yosemite
Millie said what they all were thinking... "Whoa! This place smells different than any place we have ever been before. This is a really special place."
Verne said "OK you maniacs!  Listen up! This is a National Park so you have to be well behaved. There will be no pooping, no peeing on cars, no chasing wildlife, no barking, no begging food from tourists, no mounting other dogs, no fighting..." Verne droned on and on but they were not listening. They were enraptured by the spiritual essence of the Yosemite Valley.
First they went to the Lower Falls. That's a wonderful place where the dogs could set up their mobile petting zoo for confused earthlings needing to connect with the unconditional love of a therapy dog.
The Mobile Petting Zoo - Collie and Millie

After the falls the dogs blissed out in the woods at a quiet stream. They all sensed the deep peace of being in nature. Yosemite is a wonderful, sacred place.
Finally it was time to head home, as this was just a day trip to the Valley.
THE END of the Yosemite day trip for February, 2015.

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