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Angel is a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD)
Mother: Great Pyrenees
Father: Anatolian Shepherd x Akbash

This breed is thousands of years in the making. You do not train a livestock guardian born with livestock; that is their family whom they guard with their life. They have thousands of years of instincts & inherited intelligence.

Please leave cattle dogs, ranch dogs, and other herding & protecting canines where they belong—on the farm.

A local resident of the housing development pleaded with me "Have you seen my dog! My border collie is lost? He got out of the back yard!" I stared at her "Where are your livestock?" The woman glared at me. That housing development has yards the size of a living room. How the hell would a super intelligent, high energy working dog such as the boder collie live in confinement without going stir crazy?
great pyrenees livestock dog helps sheep with birht of lambs
livestock guardian dog, great pyrenees crossed with anatolian shepherd and akbash 
A livestock guardian dog (LGD) should not be trained to regular dog obedience because then it will look to a human for "what to do"—which is a mistake because they know what to do!  Nevertheless stupid people say "Oh what a beautiful dog! She's so cute!" and make a pet of an LGD.  I've seen Craiglist ads trying to rehome adult LGDs as pets. One was right here in the ranch town where I live. It said "I made this LGD a pet which was pretty stupid because it killed my cat and bit my grandchild. These dogs have to protect livestock and should not be pets." Right.

I would add that the dog was ruined because it wasn't raised with livestock to bond with as its family. Good luck trying to rehabilitate that dog. I've also seen Great Pyrenees x Anatolian Shepherds on leashes at Point Isabel — an off leash dog area. But you can't let them off leash because they will attack and kill small dogs they instinctively view as prey animals. Recently at Point Isabel my dog Collie approached one on a harness and was soon snarling & barking—which upset the owner who didn't understand the communication. Collie was giving a "dog correction" to an animal that had negative social skills. She's done that before with similar problem dogs.

rough collies watch sheep birth, Lassie type collies
My girl, Collie, is a therapy dog to people
She can also sniff out infection in the sheep, track scent of other animals, alert snarl-bark about a dog with the wrong vibes.

My point is— "Please don't adopt working dogs to be pets!" Working dogs, such as Police or military working dogs, herding dogs, hunting dogs, and livestock guardian dogs (LGD), have generations of inherited intelligence guiding their role in life.

Just because a puppy "looks cute", or a Great Pyrenees looks like a white Golden Retireiver doesn't mean it has the same temperment as a household pet. They don't and they're not pets.

If you want a pet dog then adopt a pet breed. Leave working dogs to those who utilize their abilities. Forcing one to live in the confinement of an apartment or urban house is like raising a child confined to a room. And never allowing it out of the house to attend school.
rough collie, therapy dog, solicits affection from strangers
Dolly is a Katahdin sheep
These do not have wool, they have hair that sheds so they do not beed to be sheared. Mine are probably a cross with a wool sheep giving a coat that pretty much sheds off.

Katahdin sheep were selected to be easy birthers. Mine have never had any complications. They just plop out lambs.

One of the lambs at right has a grey color head—see the one she's licking? I've never seen a grey head sheep because mine are always black head from the Dorper ram father.

The next day that lamb was missing. Located out in the pasture it had died from no visible cause. But Dolly raised her other lamb up with no problems.
newborn lambs, minutes old sheep, ewe licks off lambs
Good momma! Good job Dolly! 
newborn lamb gets first milk, afterbirth still hanging from ewe
2 lassie style collies watch their sheep
Tyler watched from the deck located in the sheep enclosure. The collie sisters kept watch, hoping to see more birthing..
More to come!
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