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Angel rescues lost Millie
We lost Millie somewhere in these hundreds of acres.... She ran after something, a rabbit perhaps, and lost her way back to us.
For the first time ever I came home from a dawn, off leash dog adventure without one of the pack.
Millie had gone missing somewhere in a square mile of orchards--that's 640 acres. The mobility scooter batteries went almost completely dead from a prolonged search for lost Millie... we limped home after sunrise creeping at 2 MPH. I was scared inside - where was Millie?  People start to go to work in those orchards after sunrise pruning, mowing, irrigating...and maybe one of them would grab her. Oh no!

A second mobility scooter is kept in my car -with fully charged batteries. I took out the 260 lb machine and put it together. The dogs were tired from 10 miles of looking for Millie... so I put them in the house.

Then I went to the sheep pasture and asked the Livestock Guardian, Angel, if she'd help me find Millie. Angel is not obedience trained because livestock dogs are an ancient breed born with sheep and live their lives with them. To teach them "dog training" would only interfere with their instincts. So Angel is not leash trained.

My German Shepherd took months to train with classes, exercises, and finally a prong collar to stop him from pulling. But a German Shepherd is only a 100 year old breed. Angel, the Great Pyrenees, is a breed thousands of years old. Livestock Guardians are even mentioned in the Bible.

Angel is so smart it took her 10 seconds to figure out a leash. She looked at me and said "OK! Move when you do. Don't pull. Right?" I'm serious -- it took her 10 seconds.

The second scooter batteries would carry me 10 miles if we had to search that far for Millie. Angel had never gone for a walk with me before, never been in the vast orchards yet she heeled next to me like a pro. We had to find Millie! Angel and I were on a mission to get back our lost family member. Failure was unthinkable. We had to find Millie!
Angel trotted along with me at a pace of about 6 mph while I blew the ultrasonic whistle in the "Toot-toot" call that is for Millie. Sometimes I shouted "Millie! Millie come!"  My mind was terrified to consider someone had grabbed her and would keep Millie because she is such a fine dog. She might have fallen into an irrigation well...I was sick with worry.

Then, several miles out from the house I spotted something flash by when I looked straight down a row as we rode by. Was it Millie? Suddenly she was running to us down the access road. Millie was hysterical with joy after being lost from her pack for 2 hours.

How did she find us? Angel did it. Angel lives with sheep -- sleeps with them and has sheep poop in her fur. Millie got a whiff of sheep scent and knew it was her rescue party! "Millie lost! Millie found us!" I cheered. And Millie said "Angel find me! Smell Angel! Millie smell Angel find you!"

Angel looked at me with a hurt expression. "Angel smell like sheep?" she asked. I kissed her big white head saying "Angel good girl! Angel sheep dog! Millie smell Angel find us! You good girl Angel!"

That's the story of how it took two scooters and a spare dog to find one that was lost. But we had an Angel helping us.

Another true story from The Furry Angels, July 2015
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