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Santa Dog killed by fallen tree 
Central Valley California 2014 — Adventures of Collie, Millie, and Tyler
Tyler, Millie, Collie, and Angel had all been good dogs during 2014.
Santa Dog was sure to come and bring them what they wished for.
therapy dogs, German Shepherd, rough collies, give love and get petted by tourists in San Francisco
"Wake up Collie!"
You're exposing yourself again. Not that I care, but its time to go out and hunt for Santa Dog. He hasn't shown up so we better find him.

"Let's find Santa Dog!"  said Verne as he called the pack to attention. "OK you maniacs! Listen up! We have to search for Santa Dog because he hasn't found our house yet. Let's go!"

"Arf! What Santa Dog look like?" asked Tyler.

Verne replied "Huge, fat dog in red fur coat. Rides a sleigh with a bunch of deer pulling it...he howls giving out free toys & treats to puppies all over the world." Tyler nodded "Got it!"
lassie type collie, rough collie, exposes herself while asleep
rough collies, lassie type, with German Shepherd Service Dog
Oh no! We found Santa Dog in his sleigh smashed under this redwood that blew down during the storm. Oh poor Santa Dog! Oh poor reindeer!
santa dog killed by falling redwood tree as lassie collie and german shepherd look on
Santa Dog had been crushed flat along with his sleigh and deer team.

Verne saw the sadness in his German Shepherd's eyes. "Sorry Tyler. Santa Dog is dead under there.

Let's move on."
german shepherd with fallen redwood tree, storm, central valley, california
Collie said "Don't need Santa! We have everything we want and need. We dogs have you, Verne, and all the fun on the ranch.

Don't sweat this "No Santa Dog thing— we're all good!"
wet and happy rough collie, lassie type collie after storm
Millie said "Yeah! Big fun ranch, big fun life with you guys! We don't need anything from Santa Dog!" happy, wet, rough collie
Soon it was forgotten that Santa Dog had been squashed by a tree. They decided to make the best of their 4 AM dog adventure after the big winter rain storm.
rough collie, lassie style collie, wears LED headlamp for midnight run
It was silent, cool, wet, and lovely as they explored the sleepy ranch town that Christmas eve night.

It was a wonderful night!

rough collie with german shepherd service dog
The collie sisters told each other they only wanted to keep living together and have more fun.

Tyler looked at Verne and said "Me, too! I just want to keep living with you and the collies, and the sheep, and the sheep dog, and the cats, and the rabbits, and the ducks...but most of all Bobcat my cat friend. Cat is good friend to Tyler."

Verne felt his eyes get wet as the love for his dogs swelled up in him. He was a very lucky boy, he was very grateful.
rough collies, wet from rain, enjoy the night after a storm
All the dogs were happy.  At home Verne would bring out bath towels to rub down each one in what they called "Big fun towel off!"  It was a dog favorite, and on Christmas eve it would be a special present of love from their master.
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