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Disneyland for dogs Richmond, California 2014 2015
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german shepherd and rough collie at Point Isabel after grooming at Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub Rehabilitating Tyler's dog social skills at Point Isabel dog park... It's a 180 mile round trip from the Central Valley. But out there no one socializes dogs. Ranch hounds roam loose to kill predators, stay locked up in chain link kennels, or remain confined for life to the small backyards in the shabby housing development. More...

No one allows their dog to play with, or meet, other dogs. Without skills to command a dog, and no understanding of the species �the Central Valley is like "Death Valley for dogs"...

rough collie, millie, is a lassie type collie with the white rough collar, sable and black fur. Millie plays in her Central Valley sheep pasture Millie runs in a rocking gallup gait that reminds me of dolphins in the ocean. She moves effortlessly as if floating over the ground. She is my fastest dog, but more than that she runs for the joy of it.


Is Point Isabel like"Disneyland for dogs"? Is Point Isabel the
"Disneyland for dogs"?

There is the Sit & Stay Cafe, Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub, the ball dog playing field, ocean retrievers beach, low-tide mud walks, the narrow squeeze dog & people bridge, the long hike up to the plateau, the dead end pier, the long walk around...and amazing views of the San Francisco Bay & City. Mickey Mouse? I'll bet he's around here somewhere...

golden retriever, labrador retriever, Mudpuppy's Tub & scrub

Rough Collie at Point Isabel serves as therapy dog to strangers My rough collie is named Collie. She loves women, children, and her lambs.

She has to sniff every dog she sees!
Collie seeks out people to pet her, then pretends for 5 minutes that she's their dog. "Hug, me! Pet me! Kiss me!" � that's her motto. Collie is a natural therapy dog.

She is also a terrific "scent detective" who can track an animal or sniff out infection in humans or livestock. She licks clean wounds or sores on her lambs. She's my sheep doctor.
Rough Collie at Point Isabel serves as therapy dog to strangers

point isabel yorkie meets german shepherd Tyler needs to play with other dogs so that his social skills don't go dormant
Too much rough stuff with the livestock guardian dog makes Tyler think tackling another dog for a throat grab is normal fun. But its not appropriate behavior at a dog park.

Tyler has to come to Point Isabel to remember his social skills. He has to be reminded:

No mounting! (You don't know where that dog has been!) Not all male dogs are gay, Tyler!

Be gentle dog. If you want to have dog friends you have to play nice. Don't kill your friends or you won't have any.
German Shepherd practices throat bite on livestock guardian dog

At point isabel an intact male dog arrouses interest of other dogs Bringing an un-neutered dog to a dog park is one thing, but kicking away dogs that want a sniff?
Some parks have signs prohibiting this (I read online). Intact males have odors that are unusual to a pack of dogs who are "fixed."

Why does an owner keep the dog on a leash? � preventing social contact with other dogs�what's the point of going to a dog park?

Why not leash walk your "stud" anywhere other than a dog park full of happy, playful, off leash canines who sniff each other?
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