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Love hurts

Bobcat licked Tyler's face, but also bit him when he became too aggressive. The cat stimulated the dog's nature to chase & kill small prey. Bobcat didn't like that idea and moved to disavow Tyler of it at every opportunity.
Tyler was in love with Bobcat. Rusty understood that because the little striped guy was so easy to adore. You'd have to have a black heart not to want to kiss Bobcat's head.

Tyler licked the cat so enthusiastically that sometimes he was wet with dog saliva. Rusty called it a Tyler tongue bath.

Bobcat proudly wore the saliva of his German Shepherd playmate. He was a cat in love with his protector.

Tyler endured the pain of Bobcat's claws & sharp teeth as he learned to control himself. The reward was the wonderful moments of play time with this cat.
Actual cat dive caught by camera!

Believe it!

Bobcat dives from the desk to the floor with full fur contact on Tyler. Its a miracle he doesn't eat Bobcat as he tried to do the first few months.
Big dog, little cat
Tyler and Bobcat have a bit of a size difference problem. Still, they do their best to make the relationship work.
Bobcat steals a whiff of his dog playmate. He had never smelled anything like a German Shepherd before. Raccoony & Dustball were the only friends he could sniff.

When Rusty adopted Tyler he told the cats that they were getting a "big cat called a dog" but that was a white lie. Still, little Bobcat believed it.

Thus Bobcat kept trying to relate to Tyler as a big cat. Only Tyler didn't smell like any cat he knew of. Still he never suspected in his pure cat heart that Rusty had lied to him. Tyler wasn't a cat!
The dog and cat had become friends, family members, and respectful playmates.

Tyler didn't eat Bobcat because the cat was family. Likewise Bobcat didn't use his sharp cat claws on the dog.

For a young German Shepherd the powerful "prey drive" instinct had to be tempered. Rusty must had warned 100 times "No bite cat!" or "No eat cat!", and "No chase cat!"
Back off excited dog!
Bobcat was fearless. He had learned how to control the excitement of a dog 8 times his weight with his calm "pack leader" attitude. Rusty was impressed.
"When you get rough I stop playing." Bobcat warned.
Dog Time Out
Tyler had learned to give himself a time out by going to his dog deck.

Why did he do that? When he got confused, scared, or over excited he knew that Rusty had put him outside where he felt calm.

When Rusty heard a crash in the house it was often followed by Tyler's footsteps with the sound of the dog flap closing. That meant he had knocked something over - perhaps while chasing the cat - causing him to take a self imposed time out.
Bobcat took advantage of the time out to catch up on cat grooming. The camera caught this remarkable full extension of the tongue.

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