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Tyler went crazy on lush grass
(above) Tyler grins like an idiot rolling on the lush grass at the Boxville Park.
(below) Tyler shows his very nice teeth, as he grins like an idiot.
Tyler loved grass.

He enjoyed the soft, cool, moist feel of it.

The sweet smell of clover let his dog brain float into a state of bliss.
"Hey Tyler!" Rusty called. "You sure look happy!"

Tyler nodded and replied "Arf-arf!"
Rusty was happy Tyler felt so good.
Tyler twisted from side to side.
He stopped to look at the sights of Boxville.
Oh, he loved to roll in the grass!
Rusty waited patiently while Tyler soaked in the joy of cool grass. It was his reward for being such a good boy.

Soon enough poor Tyler would be back to the old "Sit", "Stay", "Come" routine of dog school.

But for now dog obedience was tossed out the window to allow the young German Shepherd to relax a little & enjoy himself.

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