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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Trick or Treat
Tyler experienced his first ever Halloween in Boxville
It was a perfect Halloween with warm weather, no wind, and an almost full moon. Because Halloween fell on a Saturday it was like a huge party in Boxville.
The Howling Wolf Dog who prowled Boxville
Tyler needed a Halloween costume.
Rusty thought about it for a long time.

They were broke. Buying a costume was out of the question. Finally Rusty had an idea. "Hey Tyler!" he exclaimed. "Why don't you go as a wolf dog and I'll howl for you?"

Tyler thought that sounded OK.
Tyler was thrilled!

This was unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

He was the "Wolf dog" prancing along with Rusty howling in a scary manner. As they passed by children Rusty commanded "No eat Halloween people, Tyler!" or he'd say "No eat children, Tyler!"

Tyler had homework to do from the Donna Soderstrom dog training class. He had to sit and maintain a "stay" with "distractions".

Halloween children were a major distraction but Tyler sat and stayed like a well mannered German Shepherd dog. Rusty was proud of him.
Tyler had a wonderful time
It was a party everywhere!
Tyler was having so much fun he did a somersault on the grass right as Rusty snapped a photo of him under the Halloween full moon.
California law required registered sex offenders to turn off their lights on Halloween, not dress in costume and not to give out candy.

So that explained why one house in Boxville was not part of the party.
Tyler practiced "Sit" and "Stay" in the midst of distractions. He did a wonderful job!

When he trotted along side Rusty on the scooter he did the "With me" command so perfectly that Rusty stopped to kiss him on the head.

When other people passed by with dogs that barked and made a scene Tyler ignored them when Rusty said "Leave it." Tyler focused on Rusty instead.

Tyler trusted Rusty
If Rusty was calm in a situation then Tyler was calm. Barking, unstable dogs did not distract this young German Shepherd. Rusty just ignored them and said "Leave it."
Tyler met Superman and Dracula. They were very nice to him. It was one of the most exciting scooter rides Rusty & Tyler had ever had.

When they got home Rusty combed, then brushed Tyler. He hugged him around his strong shepherd neck.

"Tyler" Rusty said "You made me proud tonight! You sat, you stayed, you did "with me" and you were so well behaved that I am filled with love and respect for you. You are a wonderful dog, Tyler. I love you big guy."

Rusty put Tyler on his shoulders in a fireman's carry. He felt the weight of this magnificent animal—it was like a feather. Tyler felt as light as air.

Rusty looked up at the moon as he thanked God for the farm, this dog, the cats, and all the amazing things that brought joy to this life.
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