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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Tyler's grade school graduation
It was the biggest day of Tyler's life.

List of Tyler's activities on his graduation day:

• For the first time he brought a cherished toy, Little Miss Sunshine, to give Rusty while he lay in bed. Rusty knew what Tyler was saying; "Make her sing! Make her dance for me! Please!"

• Tyler was ambushed by 3-large dogs running off leash on a farm road he'd never traveled on before. Rusty pulled his leash tight saying "With me! With me! Good with me!" and together they scootered through unscathed. Tyler never barked or showed any fear.

• Tyler had his graduation photo taken in front of The Gates Of Ostentatious Wealth (left).

Rusty said this was the stupidest house in Oakdale. "See how it looks like a prison, Tyler? And look at the property line next to the rail road tracks. This is where mile long freight trains pulled by 5 diesel locomotives scream past at full speed! What idiot would build a mansion at such a noisy location? This is the low rent neighborhood!"
• For the first time Rusty brought along the special new "toy on a fishing pole" that day. Tyler ran, leaped, and hunted down the frisky flamingo.

"Little Pink Flamingo,
Dancing for you,
You can try to catch me,
I'm jumping for you..."

Rusty made up silly, happy lyrics as Tyler pursued his evasive prey.
Got her! Hold her down with a paw.

After Tyler killed Pink Flamingo he wanted Rusty to make her fly and dance again.
Tyler has 2 feet in the air as he chases Pink Flamingo across the ground.
Tyler enjoyed the game of jumping toy.
(above) Do it again Rusty! Make her jump!  
More of Tyler's activities on his graduation day:

• Tyler helped Rusty take down the wind worn flag of Tibet flying above their home. Rusty put up a bright new one. Tyler said the flag was cool because it showed 2 German Shepherds playing with their favorite toys.

Rusty explained that the Dalai Lama was the nicest person on earth; that he mailed $20 to the Lama every now and then with a photo of his cat Rusty.

Tyler asked if Rusty still sent $20 with a picture of Rusty. "No, Tyler. Recently I sent $40 with a picture of you."
Many years ago...
One night the Dalai Lama visited Rusty in a dream--asking "How is Rusty!?" Coincidentally the Lama really was in Mountain View that night- lecturing at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Rusty didn't go to things like that, but thought it was very thoughtful for the Dalai Lama to visit him to ask about Rusty.

Rusty truly was a very amazing being. But that is another story.
(above) Everyone is happy when they are near the Lama. Tyler hoped His Holiness the Dalai Lama would be at his dog school graduation. Rusty said "No, but he will know. I'll send him a copy of your diploma." That made Tyler very happy.
More of Tyler's activities on his graduation day:

• Tyler successfully accomplished all his tests at Donna's dog class. That was tough! He had to weave walk with Rusty through a gauntlet of sitting dogs comprised of the entire class. He had to "Sit Stay" in the midst of distractions.

• But sure enough Tyler earned his Dog Obedience certificate. Rusty was so proud of him.

• Tyler wore his service dog vest to accompany Rusty while shopping at Costco. In the parking lot two Costco employees unloaded his mobility scooter into the back of the car. Tyler was leashed inside. Suddenly, as the two strangers placed the items into the hatch back, Tyler lunged, growled, and barked several times.

Rusty was surprised. This had not been taught—yet Tyler instinctively & automatically defended their car. Strange people were putting their arms into the car—an action that triggered German Shepherd defensive drive.
When Rusty got into the car, after the Costco workers left, he hugged Tyler.

"Wow! You defended our car! No one told you how to do that. I have heard people say that a German Shepherd will do things like that —spontaneously defend the owner. You are amazing Tyler. You would die for me—"take a bullet" as they say. I love you Tyler. Thank you.

It had been Tyler's biggest day.

He'd survived a dog ambush because of his training to trust Rusty. He'd volunteered his favorite toy to Rusty inviting him to play. He'd performed his "Sit Stay" and his "Down stay". He had walked along side his master through a line of other dogs.

He had defended their automobile. Tyler truly was The Wonder Dog of Rusty's dreams.
(above) The stupidest house in Oakdale was located along the high speed freight train line. Good luck trying to get a night's sleep in there.

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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