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Was Tyler created by Angels? Really?!
Tyler's mint mark

The remarkable pattern is clearly visible on his head. It is upside down from this view.

To properly decode the mark one has to look down in the same direction as Tyler is oriented (looking forward).
Angel's mint mark explained
Located just ahead of his ears the mark is comprised of two letters; a T or cross, and a V.

T stood for Tyler while slow reminding us of the cross symbolizing Christianity.
V stood for Rusty of course.

Could this be real?
Look at the close up photo. See the T or Cross? See the V below it? Tyler, Rusty. Isn't it obvious?

But why? Why would the Angels mark Tyler this way? Because few of you reading this really understand the nature of existence. If you did you'd see amazing coincidences that indicate this reality is a projection of a higher order of reality. We are not intelligent enough to understand the grand reality so must live in a smaller one.

It is like this: your dog watches you use a computer. What goes on in his dog brain? Does he think "Oh, good - Google - I wanted to read the news." Does your dog try to send email to a dog friend? Of course not. We know a dog will never read, never write email, never understand a computer. Yet we assume that we (humans) are so intelligent we can understand the entire Universe, God, and all that stuff.

The truth is that we are just children. As Jesus said "Not until you become like little children can you enter the gates of Heaven." Meaning that you will never "understand" the universe which created you. You have no more chance of that than your dog does of learning to write email. But you can't accept that.

Humans insist that if they can't "prove God exists" or "see Angels" then they don't exist. Humans cannot accept that their tiny brains can't understand anything so much greater than they are. It is like a 2 year old child trying to learn college level physics and math. Even adults can't succeed at it. But that level of knowledge is nothing compared to what humans do not know about.

Yet if we only look, feel, experience what is around us it is obvious that we are part of something so immense and timeless that words can't describe it.
Tyler came to earth to inspire others to train their dog as a real companion to the human owner— not as a prisoner serving a life sentence in a back yard.
Tyler often stared up as he listened to his Angels. Rusty could not hear them, but felt their presence.

Why? Why you ask would Heaven put Tyler on this Earth? His purpose is to restore balance to the world. A world where dogs are treated like, dogs.

Millions of dogs are locked up in back yards; incarcerated for life. Or demeaned into silly yappy lap dogs forced to live inside houses with neurotic owners. Forced to wear "doggie cloths", or to be used as surrogate human company by mindless consumers who yearn for happiness yet seek it in all the places where it does not dwell.

Tyler is a genuine dog who came to earth to be an example of a great canine. Tyler came to earth to inspire others to train their dog to be a real companion to the human owner, and not as a prisoner for life in a back yard.
Why Tyler was put on earth, one example
"Ruff-Ruff!" A sick dog with stereotypy
Tyler visited a German Shepherd dog on the way to Midnight's house. Rusty called the dog "Ruff-Ruff!" because that is all he said.
Ruff-Ruff! Seemed to be OK. Tyler sniffed.
Tyler peed.

Ruff-Ruff peed.
But there was something wrong with Ruff-Ruff.
After peeing Ruff-Ruff went back to pacing the yard along a rutted path worn into the dirt.

Tyler stared, he did not understand what was wrong with Ruff-Ruff.

Rusty knew that this was how most dogs are kept by owners. Left alone to bark out their lives. Never taken on walks, never taken to the store, or Home Depot unless left in the car to "guard it."

Rusty called such dogs "bark boxes." He thought they could be replaced with a digital device that would bark whenever someone approached. One day he knew there would be electronic robot dogs barking in back yards that did not poop, dig holes, need food, or run up vet bills. Nor would they love their owners any more than the real ones could.
Rusty explained Ruff-Ruff's repetitive behavior is called stereotypies and indicated mental illness.

"Tyler, you are special because I take you everywhere. Most people lock a dog in the back yard to live like Ruff-Ruff all its life. They call it a 'guard dog' and all it can do is bark like Ruff-Ruff does."

Tyler thought it was sad.

Rusty nodded his head as the two pals took off to find a new adventure.
Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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