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Tyler Conley-Robinson born March 10, 2009
On March 10, 2010 Rusty said to Tyler "Hey! It is your birthday. Happy 1-year old, Tyler!"

But his dog didn't know what a birthday was.
Tyler had a nice birthday, even not knowing what one was. He took a ride with Rusty to mail off birthday cards to his fan club.

Rusty took him to the market where they bought more meaty beef ribs for him to munch on at night.

Tyler was such good company that later they went to Costco together to shop for cat food. The young dog loved his cat friend Bobcat. He enjoyed life in Heaven with his devoted companion Rusty. Whatever a birthday was Tyler was happy to be alive. Happy he was born into this good situation.
Tyler was in a state of wonderous enjoyment over the lush growth of spring time in California. He and Rusty took long scooter rides out into the blooming trees.

The dog had been born just one year before and had no memory of his first spring. That was when Reggie had rescued him from a backyard breeder. Poor Tyler had an umbilical hernia. "I can't sell this dog in this bad economy" the back yard breeder said.

Reggie had to teach Tyler to eat from a bowl, not off the ground like that breeder had him doing.
Reggie Conley is Tyler's mom. She rescued him and paid for all the vet work. Reggie knew that Heaven wanted her to give Tyler to Rusty which is how Tyler gained the full name Tyler Conley-Robinson.

To Tyler it meant that he lived in Heaven with Rusty and the cats of Cat & Cactus Heaven.
Tyler had cat friends. Cats are very good friends because these cats are Angels. They lived with Rusty at his business named "Cat & Cactus Heaven" because that is really what it was.

Very few people understood. They just thought it was a cute joke or something. But Rusty knew it was for real.
Raccoony had a cat tree next to the front door because she was a guard cat and wouldn't have it any other way.

Night and day she guarded the entrance.
Raccoony had only been a bit over 1-year old when Bobcat came to live with them as a kitten. She acted like his mom. She licked him, cuddled up with him so he wouldn't feel alone. She brought him tiny mice that fit in a spoon so Bobcat could learn to hunt rodents. She was a devoted cat friend.

Bobcat loved Raccoony back.

Tyler loved his cat friend Bobcat.
Tyler enjoyed the adventure of exploring the vast nut orchards where he could trot on the packed silt roads sniffing scents left by rodents, foxes, horses, and things he'd never seen.
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