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Making the dilution of Ivomec
Ivormectin for heartworm prevention | Other meds | Diluting Ivomec
Warning! This procedure requires math learned in 5th grade science class
If you don't know the difference between a microgram and a milligram, or how to measure a milliliter then you should have an adult help you.
Weights & measures for drop outs
A kilogram is that big block of marijuana you split with Mom. A gram of weed will make a few joints that you smoke every day.  A milligram isn't enough to do anything with. A microgram is even smaller but 200 micrograms is a dose of LSD like you used to take on weekends back in the hippie days. Milliliters measure liquids. Can you name a liquid? Very good! Do you have an eye dropper (ask your Mother). There are 20 drops in a milliliter but it depends on the viscosity & surface tension of the liquid - can you say "viscosity?" Very good!
Microgram = mcg
Milligram = mg
Milliliter = ml

The dose range of ivermectin for dogs is 2.72 micrograms (mcg) per pound of body weight.

A 100 lb dog needs a 272 mcg dose of ivermectin.

The dilution I made has 1,000 mcg in each ml. So Tyler needs about 1/3 ml.

He weighs 120 pounds times 2.72 mcg/lb = 326 mcg. That is equivalent to the ivermectin dose in Heartgard.

Each ml of dilution contains 1,000 mcg of ivermectin

I give Tyler 1/3 ml in his food once a month.


Ivomec is sold at the feed store
If you live in the city you're out of luck. Either move to the country before the collapse of urban civilization or search to buy this product online.
I drew out 1 ml of the Ivomec
I squirt that 1 ml into a small bottle.

Then add 9 ml propylene glycol to make a dilution - this creates more volume so I can measure out a dose easily.

Propylene glycol is just a handy liquid that will mix with the Ivomec and is sterile so it won't grow mold after you set the dilution aside for next month's use.

I use a brown bottle to keep out light, and store in the refrigerator with the cat & dog meds.


Using my 3 ml syringe without a needle I transfer 9 ml of propylene glycol into the small bottle where I first squirted the 1 ml Ivomec.
Propylene Glycol is a food additive you can purchase at a pharmacy, feed store, or search online. It is fairly harmless stuff.

9 ml propylene glycol + 1 ml Ivomec = a 10 ml dilution that has, conveniently, 10 mg ivermectin in 10 ml of liquid. Hey! That is 1,000 mcg in each ml. Excellent.

I draw out the 1/3 ml Tyler needs for his monthly dose.

20 drops = 1 ml
Since 1 ml is about 20 drops I could use an eye dropper to measure Tyler's dose. 7 drops would be close enough.
My 10 ml dilution = 30 monthly doses for Tyler
The 50 ml Ivomec bottle will make enough monthly doses to last Tyler for 125 years.
$35 Ivomec/50 ml
$0 propylene glycol
$0 syringes
$0 15 ml brown bottle
$35 total= 1,500 monthly doses for my 120 pound German Shepherd.

This cost $0.023 per monthly dose. About 2 pennies/dose.


See the 3 ml syringe?
Notice the 1/10 ml divisions?
My dog needs 1/3 ml - I can measure that out OK!

The dose is not very critical since ivermectin is not very poisonous to a dog. Nevertheless I want to only apply what is recommended and not give my dog more than is required.

Store in a cool, dark place
I store the dilution in a brown bottle to prevent light from affecting it. It is kept in the refrigerator.

Do it on the first of every month
Tyler receives his flea & heartworm medications on the first of the month when I pay the rent; that is how I remember to medicate him.
Ivormectin for heartworm prevention | Other meds | Diluting Ivomec

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