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Tyler's 4th of July San Francisco
Trip maps
Tyler's journey was all planned out
from California's Central Valley to San Francisco.

Rusty had lived in San Francisco in a previous life, but never enjoyed it as a tourist. So he researched on Google where to get the best Cappuccino, Chinese roast duck, Italian cannoli, and other essentials.

Bay Views
The electric scooter came apart in pieces and went into the car. Rusty packed an ice cooler, warm jacket, and lots of hot dog treats for Tyler. "Its a long trip. You'll need a snack!" he said to Tyler.

Tyler liked the cool ocean air. It smelled good!
North Beach
Rusty needed coffee so he used his Google research to find the highly rated Caffe Capriccio in North Beach. The cappuccino was delicious but Tyler didn't want any.

Washington Square Park on Columbus Ave. is a grassy, tree shaded oasis in the city. Tyler quickly fell in love with Samantha, a 10-year old female German Shepherd.

Then they found Stella Bakery for Cannoli plus had other adventures.

Tyler enjoyed the constant popping of little firecrackers. The Google research map brought them to Mow Lee & Co on Commercial St. for preserved meats like duck. Then they went to Kam Po at 801 Broadway for the best hot BBQ roast duck in San Francisco.
Fisherman's Wharf
Japanese tourist girls surrounded Tyler at Fisherman's Wharf. They took turns posing with him for photographs. Tyler loved the attention. He told Rusty "Japanese girl nice! Smell good!"
On the way back to Fort Mason they stopped at the Maritime Museum's sandy beach. Tyler had his first ever experience of a salt water beach with salty waves rushing in and out. "Smell good water, taste good water!" thought Tyler.

He was like a dog in heaven on that beach as the cool afternoon fog crept in.
Marina Green
They went back to the car and put out a big bowl of ice cold water for Tyler. He lay down and drank a lot. Meanwhile Rusty got his warm jacket -because a cold fog was blowing in.

Rusty put the food from North Beach and Chinatown in the cooler. The boiled crab from Fisherman's Wharf would be too messy to eat so it went on the ice to take home.

He was hungry so Rusty ate some of the sweet, greasy, delicious BBQ duck from Kam Po. It was the best he had ever had! He gave chunks ofit to Tyler who suddenly discovered his newest favorite thing to eat. "Yummy duck" he said. "Lucky us we researched on Google" Rusty added.

After snacking & drinking then they took off to explore the Marina Green.
Back at Fisherman's Wharf
They would have to wait a few hours for the fireworks. Rusty decided "We need some carbohydrates". Tyler waited outside Gino's Pizza while Rusty bought 4 slices of cheese pizza.

Tyler discovered his next favorite food - cheese pizza. He ate 2 slices and Rusty also had 2.
Waiting for Fireworks
Tyler continued to meet members of his fan club who wanted to pose for photos.
Fireworks by the Souza Co.
The heavy summer fog had rolled in. Fireworks were muted, subdued as they burst into the dense clouds of the fog bank. Tyler lay down and took a nap. He was tired from so many miles of trekking about the exciting city. He was happy with a full belly of duck, pizza, and an Italian cannoli.

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