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"No eat yummy fish!"
Tyler's first taste of the ocean
August 3, 2010

Rusty took Tyler to San Francisco's Ocean beach. There the young Shepherd ran in the surf, chased sea gulls, smelled sea weed, and generally had a great time.
The 9 year old German Shepherd girl

Soon they were scootering through Golden Gate Park where Tyler met a female Shepherd.

Rusty said he could see the family resemblance.
Tyler met a labradoodle

Rusty noticed the dog exhibited ritualistic behavior. Every time the owner threw a ball the dog chased it, but when she reached it she'd run in circles before picking it up.

Rusty told the owner he thought his dog has what is called Stereotypy - "an abnormal behavior sometimes seen in captive animals, particularly those held in small enclosures with little opportunity to engage in more normal behaviors"

The owner confirmed the dog was rescued from a breeder who had kept it confined to a cage until she was 1-year old.
Golden Gate Park
They found the California Academy of Sciences

That was not easy because Golden Gate park is so huge with winding streets, paths, etc. One time Rusty stopped to show his Google map to some park workers who shook their heads. "Your map is too small" they said shaking their heads.

Tyler loved science. So did Rusty.
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