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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Adventures of Tyler the wonder dog
A German Shepherd Angel sent to protect Cat & Cactus Heaven
German Shepherd Dog (GSD) 5 month old training to be Service Dog One of my master's better ideas was this grooming table. Oh, brush me! Brush me!
German Shepherd at age 5 month - training to bemy  Service Dog First he had to get me up here, then I didn't want to get down.

Later I just got up here by myself when Rusty was building something. Then I stole the rake, took it up on the deck to play with. It smells good, like me!
German Shepherd  training as a mobility  Service Dog Go for evening walk? You bet big guy!
German Shepherd puppy age 4 to 5 months in his new ranch home Look at all this space. Nice digs we got here at the cat & cactus thingy.
German Shepherd going potty to mark territory I gotta mark this territory. Take that you people in the little crappy box houses.

Rusty was impressed. "Good idea Tyler! Perfect place to take a poopy. Good boy!"
German Shepherd age 5 months says "You're my dad!" Gee, we really live here. This is so cool.
German Shepherd  training as a mobility  Service Dog is not for the first timer! Way too high a prey drive for those not familiar with training I like how you treat me. You are nice and explain things simple so I learn. Thank you big guy.

"No problem dog buddy."
German Shepherd  training as a mobility  Service Dog CRAIGSLIST AD

"Handsome (if you like dogs) K9 for sale or trade. Prefer large freezer full of sushi but will consider all offers. Must go as soon as possible so we can have Rusty back all to ourselves. Contact Raccoony, Bobcat, or Dustball"
German Shepherd  young, exploring the ranch Tyler was fascinated with the seemingly infinite rows of almond trees across from their farm. It had clover with flowers on the earth, gophers and animal scents everywhere. A cool, enchanted place with smells like perfume to his nose.

Rusty promised to take him back here on their next walk.
German Shepherd 5 months old, happy and loving, but a very difficult handful to a non-professional Oh, I completely understand! said Tyler.

Stay means just sit and chill, right? Don't bark, whine or strain on the leash. That's cool.

"No bark cat, OK! Raccoony is a good girl...Dustball is a good girl...I'm a good boy...yeah, yeah - I'm getting it!"
German Shepherd  training as a mobility  Service Dog Learning about toys.

Strong learning of "No bite" had to be unlearned with "Tyler toy, bite OK!"

Some things were OK to bite, but not people's hands. Or cats.

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